Who We Are

You could say we've been around the block, we've also been to theTop of the Rock, and to the Rocky Mountains on horseback, aboard a Naval destroyer, worked with astronauts, solved crimes, and had the privilege of collaborating with some incredible clients and partners.

Design Island is an award-winning creative development and multi-media company that conceptualizes, produces and manages projects.  Currently led by Tim Steinouer, his background in film and television first connected him to the company.  Now as media is often a primary focus of exhibits, his visual storytelling is front and center for the content produced.

Originally formed as Bob Weis Design Island, the company was founded in 1994 by Bob Weis and Diane Fredel-Weis, both having held creative executive positions with The Walt Disney Company.  Bob with his successful experience with Imagineering and Diane with her expertise in marketing and media production, sought to create a company where they could combine their talents and skills to create new and engaging spaces and experiences for the public.  During the first years of business their clients and projects included Rockefeller Center, CBS, SONY, Steven Spielberg, the Smithsonian, National Harbor, Darden Restaurant Group, American public television, NASA, the U.S. Navy, and MSI, Chicago.



What We Do

  • - Creative consulting and development
  • - Concept, story and media development
  • - Media and interactive production
  • - Image research and acquisition
  • - Project media management
  • - Ongoing content management

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